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Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)


Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)

Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)

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2 months ago

Attention: Mustang Central Parents!!


The Mustang Central Middle School coaching staff would like to invite you to be a part of the Bronco Athletic Program during the 2019-2020 school year.  


The following information is important to know if you are playing a fall sport:



Open gym: July 8-12th, July 16thand 18that Mustang North’s gym.  

Tryouts: July 22-23rdfrom 10:30-12:30 pm at Mustang North’s gym.

Fall required parent/player/coach meeting: Thursday, July 25th(Location TBA)

Fall volleyball practice:begins on Wednesday, July 24th from 10:30-12:30 pm at Mustang North’s gym (tentative).

Remind sign up information: text @mcmsvball to 81010 to sign up



Required parent/player/coach meeting:  Tuesday, July 23rdat 6:30 pm at Mustang High Softball Complex.

Fall softball practice:begins on Monday, July 29thfrom 8:30-10:30 am(Location TBA)

Remind sign up information:  text @mustangcen to 81010 to sign up


Cross Country 

Fall cross country practice:begins on Tuesday, August 20th at MCMS.

Required parent/player/coach meeting:  Monday, August 19that MCMS’s gym

Remind sign up information: text @mcmscros to 81010 to sign up


7thGrade Football 

Required parent/player/coach meeting:  Tuesday, August 6that 6:00pm at MCMS.

Fall football practice:begins on Monday, August 12that MCMS football field.

Remind contact information: text @mc7thfb to 81010 to sign up


8thGrade Football

Required parent/player/coach meeting: Tuesday, August 6that 6:00pm at MCMS. 

Fall football practice:begins on Monday, August 12th at MCMS football field.

Remind Contact Information: text @mcms8thgra to 81010 to sign up


Along with having your physical completed students and parents must also electronically sign the forms at before participation is permitted. Please follow the instructions below to complete the Rank On Forms prior to tryouts and/or any practices!!!


GO TO: https://mustangpublicschools. ...
CLICK ON: “Start Online Forms”
Complete and Submit:

1. Emergency Consent Form
2. Concussion Acknowledgement Form
3. Insurance Consent and Travel Form
4. OSSAA Eligibility Form
5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form 6. NCAA Amateurism
7. Parent Communication Guidelines


Other competitive sports that 7th and 8th grade students can participate in at MCMS include wrestling, basketball, track, tennis, and golf. You will find Remind Me class codes below for all sports. We encourage you to go ahead and sign up NOW to help us with numbers. We encourage your child to play multiple sports especially at this level.


We hope that you will make a serious consideration to become part of the Bronco Athletic Program at Mustang Central Middle School for this upcoming school year.









Fall Sports

7th Football - @mc7thfb

8th Football - @mcms8thgra

Softball - @mustangcen

Volleyball - @mcmsvball

Cross Country- @mcmscros

Winter Sports

7th Boys Basketball - @mcms7bb

7th Girls Basketball - @mcms7gbb

8th Boys Basketball - @mcms8bbb

8th Girls Basketball - @mcms8gbb

Wrestling - @mcmswrstle


Spring Sports


Boys Track - @mcmsbtrac

Girls Track - @mcmsgtrac

Boys Tennis - @mcmsbten

Girls Tennis- @mcmsgten

Boys Golf - @mcmsbglf

Girls Golf - @mcmsgglf



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