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Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)


Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)

Mustang Bronco Athletics

Mustang High School (Mustang, OK)

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3 months ago

Mustang Central Updates - Fall Managers/ Volleyball Meeting/Camps

Good afternoon parents!! 


We have a had few updates and wanted to share with all of you. 


  • Spring Football Practice for our 8th Central athletes begins Wednesday, May 15th at Mustang North.

(7th Grade will not be doing Spring Football this year)

  • Softball tryouts will continue Wednesday (15th) and Thursday (16th) at the MHS field from 4-5:30 pm
  • Volleyball will be hosting another parent meeting next Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm at Mustang North
  • If you child is interested in being a manager of any of the fall sports there are forms in your child’s current school’s office. These forms are due to the main office of their building by next Monday the 20th
  • Summer Camps are quickly approaching and we encourage all athletes to get involved in any of these camps to help improved the individual skills.
  • Please make sure your child has signed up for the Remind Me classes to the sports they plan on participating in. This is the best way to get updates and communicate with their coaches. 
  • Lastly if your child did not get a chance to go to physical day last week and plans on participating in sports next year please get this completed as well as all the Rank One Forms listed in the attachment below. 




For all camp flyers go to:

Click on download image to the right of each camp and it will pull up the flyer. 



Fall Sports

7th Football - @mc7thfb

8th Football - @mcms8thgra

Softball  - @mustangcen

Volleyball - @mcmsvball

Cross Country- @mcmscros


Winter Sports

7th Boys Basketball - @mcms7bb

7th Girls Basketball - @mcms7gbb

8th  Boys Basketball - @mcms8bbb

8th Girls Basketball  - @mcms8gbb

Wrestling  - @mcmswrstle


Spring Sports

Boys Track - @mcmsbtrac

Girls Track - @mcmsgtrac

Boys Tennis - @mcmsbten

Girls Tennis - @mcmsgten

Boys Golf - @mcmsbglf

Girls Golf - @mcmsgglf




CLICK ON:  Rank One Sport Tab @ top of home page

CLICK ON: link provided

CLICK ON: “Start Online Forms”

Complete and Submit:

  1. Emergency Consent Form
  2. Concussion Acknowledgement Form
  3. Insurance Consent and Travel Form
  4. OSSAA Eligibility Form
  5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form
  6. NCAA Amateurism
  7. Parent Communication Guidelines


Again thank you for all your patience and please help us spread this word with any parents of children attending Central next year. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


~ Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits~


Kaycee Boles

Director of Athletics

Mustang Central Middle School
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